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Add group to site when Alfresco-admin not possible

Question asked by ebogaard on Nov 24, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by sofia
We have a large number of sites in Alfresco, all with different managers (creators).
Because we have changed our policy on the groups to be member of these sites, everyone needs to update his/her site memberships. I'm afraid this just won't happen, so we need an other solution, which is: I do it for everyone.
I'm the Alfresco-admin, so should have all the rights in Alfresco. I can see all the Sites, but I'm not able to change the Site memberships (cannot invite users or add/delete groups). Only for the Sites I've created or am manager of.
I've tried looking in the Share Repository and Explorer, but no possibilities there.

Is this as designed? And more important: is there a solution and/or work-around??