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multiple email notifications on document library

Question asked by chrisrichardson on Nov 25, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by samnaction
Hi all. I've recently started working with Alfresco (3.4b) but am running into a problem that I can't resolve. I have setup a content rule for anything uploaded into the document library of a space to email the members of the space that there is a new file uploaded/edited etc.

Now the email notification works great only it seems to be sent multiple times. First with the correct file name (using the default email notification template) but them again the same email for the same file only this time the filename can look something like this  12e89be8-d28a-4429-8097-48bd972d8223 and the same goes for the space name. The problem seems to get worse when the email needs to be sent to multiple people.

I'm not sure if I have something configured wrong or if this is just some sort of bug being that I'm running the beta edition. Has anybody else come across this before?