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How does an AMP's 'module.aliases' work?

Question asked by darryl_staflund on Nov 25, 2010
Hi everyone,

We have several development teams in our environment responsible for developing different Alfresco features – most of which are packaged as AMP files.  The '' of one of these AMPs was changed yesterday so I added a 'module.aliases' property to its '' file to ensure backward compatibility.  Does 'module.aliases' work, though?  Nothing has crashed as of yet, but:

* Both the old and new modules are listed as being installed in the logfiles.
* The jar-files of both AMPs are present in WEB-INF
* The configuration files of both AMPs appear in '/classes/alfresco/module/<old_module_id>' and '/classes/alfresco/module/<new_module_id>'

It doesn't look to me like the older-named module was replaced with the newer-named one.  Is there anything else I need to do?