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Are you OK with CIFS domain authentication using NTLM?

Question asked by jzaruba on Nov 26, 2010
I've spent some time playing with configuration of Alfresco, which included reading the forum, the wiki, and also asking some stupid questions.
After all this my impression is that when I want to authenticate clients accessing CIFS folders using their domain account credentials I have to use NTLM. It works but does anyone actually use it? I've learnt that NTLM is very attack-prone.

Do I have any other choice when I don't want to create the accounts manually? I don't need SSO that much, but I don't think it makes any difference.
I'm puzzled by how many people in the forum accept "switch to NTLM" as an answer. Am I missing something? (I'm not trying to bash/mock anyone, I'm honestly confused by this.)