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Customizing an Alfresco CMS install

Question asked by hungryroy on Nov 26, 2010

I'm working with a client that already has a website running using Alfresco CMS and they want to make some enhancements. I'm currently downloading the Alfresco CMS and it looks like there's a developer guide and SDK, but I thought I'd make a quick post here before I do my own digging just to make sure there are no issues with what the client wants to do.

Basically, the enhancement is to add some registration functions. There will be two types of users: public users and administrators. Public users are anyone who access the website and can register for an account, etc. Then they can view and register for events listed in the website. Admin users can only be created by other admins, they can manage public users and events and create reports and stuff. Most of it is straightforward, usual stuff done in a webapp, nothing too complicated.

My concern is that this is my first time to try integrating with a platform like Alfresco. I was hoping someone could give me an idea of what to expect, i.e. Is the Alfresco SDK/API/whatever mature enough that I can implement and integrate the customizations easily and without many problems? Any tips aside from the developer guide?

Sorry if the post is kind of vague, I'm sort of stepping into something new so I just want to make sure I don't accidentally hit and land mines :D

Cheers! :D