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SharePoint Protocol in 3.4.b with Kerberos auth

Question asked by lukeskypator on Nov 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2011 by tomen

I'm running Alfresco 3.4.b along with MySQL on Debian Lenny 64bits, JDK 1.6. Authentication is made through Kerberos. I've also installed VTI module which manages to start with Alfresco.

Tomcat is bound to localhost and is accessed via Apache with mod_proxy over HTTPs (cert has been added to JVM's cacert).
Kerberos auth works fine on Explorer and WebDAV.

When I try to create a new workspace through Word 2003 or Word 2007 with SPP, Word tells me it cannot finish its action. Sometimes, it tells me that the internet address "C:\Documents and Settings\lsp\toto.docx" is not valid…

My vti config is as follows :

# VTI Module

Tomcat throws various stacktraces as follows :
User:System DEBUG [alfresco.v3.AlfrescoMethodHandler] Url must start with alfresco context.
User:lsp DEBUG [module.vti.handler] Resolved file info for 'alfresco' is null

I have also tested adding a "/" before alfresco in vti.alfresco.deployment.context and this doesn't work.

Has anyone got any hint to help me solve this out ?

Thanks in advance,