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SSO+access permission propagation on a portal

Question asked by aurel44 on Nov 29, 2010

I am an intern as a software developer in a small startup that develops a web portal. This is my first post on a computer subject and I hope I'm well explaining my problem. I have until the end of January to perform it.

The system consists of severals modules :
-a web portal developed in Flex,
-a project management module, and
-a module Alfresco + FlexSpace (kernel+GUI).

My tutor wants to establish two additional features.

First, he wants to implement an SSO authentication solution to authenticate to the portal and Alfresco in the same time. (Users are stored in a MySQL database).

Secondly, he wants to implement a propagation solution of access permission. Thus, if user X has a permission to read on Project 1, the module should enable the user X to access documents related to project 1.

My proposed solution is a system with CAS and OpenLDAP and JNDI. However:
a) I do not know if this system is feasible (and how…)
b) my tutor wants me he has several solutions

I read various posts on the subject and after 3 weeks of searching, I confess I am confused. So if you have any suggestions or comments on this complex topic, I'll be very glad you read and reply to you.

Thank you.