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State of CAS and Share in 3.4b?

Question asked by piercehanley on Nov 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2011 by piercehanley
Has anyone tried integrating Alfresco Share with CAS in 3.4b?  I find a lot of conflicting and outdated info when I'm searching about how to set it up correctly.

Specifically, I'm wondering what, if anything, is still necessary to do the X509 setup.  this thread has a bunch of people (quite recently) having issues with it, and the last poster indicates that compiling CAS from source is no longer necessary.  Does that mean that 3.4 has a way around that requirement?

In my particular case, the CAS environment is not owned by our group and is used by several other applications which apparently don't need X509 functionality.  As a result, it's going to be hard to convince them that they need to reconfigure the server, let alone recompile it per the instructions in the wiki.  Is it strictly necessary to do so?  Is there a way to set up Share 3.4b to connect to Alfresco without it?  What if we weren't actually using the Explorer application?  Could we just disable mod_auth_cas for /alfresco and leave it enabled for /share?  (this isn't ideal, since we do sometimes use explorer… just grasping at straws here)

Any advice or experiences would be very handy.  Seems like a decent number of people want this to work but the documentation is not actively maintained or newbie-friendly.