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Modify default workflows in Alfresco 3.4.b

Question asked by goldest on Dec 1, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2010 by prirodri

I was thinking if I can modify the default workflows that are present in the Alfresco since the installation. Well, first of all is that possible? I tried and found out that there are xml files which are actually the process definition files for the workflow and they are usually stored inside the "C:\Alfresco\tomcat\webapps\alfresco\WEB-INF\classes\alfresco\workflow" directory considering your installation is on C: drive.

When I try to start a advanced workflow on any content, it pops up a workflow selection window where I can see the default workflows like,
1) Adhoc (Assign task to colleague)
2) Group Review & Approve (Group review & approval of content)
3) Parallel Review & Approve (Parallel Review & approval of content) and so on… [The xml files for these workflows are present in the directory mentioned above.]

The question is, can I directly have my process definition files placed in the above workflow directory where other workflows xml files are placed? If yes, then from where I have to map the names in that jsp of workflow selection. Because I couldn't find the "Adhoc (Assign task to colleague)" name in the adhoc_processdefinition.xml file present in the workflow directory.

Can someone please help me out with this? Thanks a lot in advance!  :)