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Question asked by nsomaru on Dec 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2011 by mrogers
Greetings Alfrescians,

We are a non-profit organisation located in India. Here is the sequence of events:

1) Googled 'open-source sharepoint alternative' –> came upon Alfresco
2) Began testing Alfresco 3.3g on an old machine
3) Satisfied with what we saw and the roadmap
4) Googled for an Alfresco Indian Partner – came across Cignex
5) Contacted Cignex India on the phone and was handled by an extremely rude individual who told me it would be US$20,000 to set up Alfresco. That's an impossible fee for us.
6) Decided to contact Alfresco, after some badgering got through to Ana Hortas-Barros
7) She insisted on a budget requirement, and I explained our (modest) use case, limited funds. She did not provide a quotation and instead referred me back to Cignex
8) At this point I give up.

The 'rounded up (ceil)' current USD:INR = 1:46.

Through a program called Bigtech which offers discounted software to NGOs, I can get the following:
Microsoft Sharepoint Server Enterprise @ Rs 11,935 (~$260)
CAL's for Sharepoint Enterprise 2010 @ Rs 222/license (~$5)

Compare the cost! Despite this, I am an advocate of the Open Age. I like Alfresco, I like the community, I like what we stand for. I know this does not include 'support' but we are not looking for _major_ support – mainly just access to the Enterprise Version and an email now and then to help us fix things if they break. Not like some 24/7 dedicated super-ultimate-platinum membership.

We only have one IT guy, that's me. I do training, maintenance, backup, everything. Our organisation totals about 100 people, about 20 of which know how to use a computer. We are located in a village in rural India and we have a 'home' broadband connection serving 5 desktops and 6 laptops. It's uptime averages 43%. We do not have access to the network from the internet due to an unreliable connection. We are looking for a stable repository to store and collaborate on information (locally) so as to leave a legacy that people coming after us can follow. Alfresco, so far, has checked all the right boxes save the cost issue. The alternative of the Community Edition does not sit well with the trustees. They are familiar with Microsoft and I have strong opponents.

Bottom line is this: Is Alfresco able to provided an affordable option for NGO's and the like? If I am not able to convince the trustees that we do not need the Enterprise version, I might be forced to go down the beaten track, and Sharepoint it will be.

Any assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.