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document properties don't get saved in javascript

Question asked by ramalama188 on Dec 2, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by ramalama188

I have setup a rule to a datalist space in order to execute the following javascript:

var currentOwner = document.getOwner();
[b]["dlextra:vacationRequester"] = people.getPerson(currentOwner).properties["cm:firstName"];[/b]
document.setPermission("Consumer", currentOwner);

The rule is triggered every time an user creates a new item within that datalist. All is working ok except the line where I try to set the value of the "dlextra:vacationRequester" property.  No error is thrown but the new item is created with that prop empty.

I have used the Alfresco javascript debugger and confirmed that is being set with the correct value,  but it's not being displayed in the datalist row. In fact, browsing to that node thru the Alfresco explorer webapp, that property is empty.

Any ideas?  Changing the ownership of the node and permission is working ok.