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When I use url /share/page/user/admin/dashboard, what will a

Question asked by zengqingyi12 on Dec 3, 2010
When I typed in the url /share/page/user/admin/dashboard, what will alfresco do? 
I find this in share-config.xml
   <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="UriTemplate">
      <!– list of URI based page Id templates used by Share –>
      <!– when pages are requested from the framework, matches are attempted
           against each uri-template, and the token values returned if matched –>
         <uri-template id="sitedashboardpage">/site/{site}/dashboard</uri-template>
         <uri-template id="sitepage">/site/{site}/{pageid}</uri-template>
         <uri-template id="userdashboardpage">/user/{userid}/dashboard</uri-template>
         <uri-template id="userpage">/user/{userid}/{pageid}</uri-template>
         <uri-template id="userprofilepage">/user/{userid}/profile</uri-template>
         <uri-template id="consolepage">/console/{pageid}/{toolid}</uri-template>
but I didn't find any file that use the userdashboardpage parameter above.
So when I typed in the url, what will alfresco do ?   As I want to insert a snippet java code before alfresco runs the webscript and ftl to render the page.

Thanks in advance !