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Install Alfresco on a Windows 7 laptop

Question asked by peterverkooijen on Dec 4, 2010
I'm trying to install Alfresco on a Windows 7 notebook, to use it just locally for a while and test it for if I ever grow into a real company with a server-client network. Is that at all possible?

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Alfresco on a Laptop (and no Network)

A question that often is asked is how to set up Alfresco on a laptop when there is no network connection. This is very simple to do. Under Windows you may need to install a loopback adaptor – Microsoft's Knowledge Base has instructions on how to do this under Windows XP and Windows 2000.

It may be "very simple to do", but nowhere is explained how. I have installed the loopback adaptor and alfresco-community-3.4.b-installer-win-x32 using default settings. After setup Alfresco tries to open the following address in the browser:

Nothing at all happens in Firefox. IE says 'the remote device or resource won't accept the connection'.

Apparently the loopback adapter needs to be configured. I have tried several configurations from different web sources. I can't find anything Alfresco specific. All this IP and networking stuff is not at all obvious to me. Nothing works. I have also tried reinstalling Alfresco after configuring the loopback adapter.

Main question:

How should I configure the loopback adapter to work with Alfresco installed on a Windows 7 notebook?

I am very familiar with installing server-based PHP applications. I don't have my own server though, so I need to test this first on a local machine. I can't figure this out. Please help. Thanks.