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Create a form in share with fields of a custom metadata type

Question asked by armedia on Dec 6, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by erikwinlof
Im using Alf3.3.3 , and Im trying to create a custom form (custom metadata) in ALfresco Share.

Modifications Performed:


     <content mimetype="text/plain" icon="plain-text" label="menu.create-content.custom" formid="custom-form-id" />   
      <actionSet id="default">
         <action type="action-link" id="onActionCopyTo" label="menu.selected-items.copy" />         


<!– portal content configuration creating nodes –>
        <config evaluator="model-type" condition="vp:portalContent">
                <form id= "custom-form-id">
                                   <show id="vp:portalContent_program" for-mode="view,edit,create" />
                                  <show id="vp:portalContent_publication_date" for-mode="view,edit,create" />
                                  <show id="vp:portalContent_page" for-mode="view,edit,create" />
                                  <show id="vp:portalContent_section" for-mode="view,edit,create" />
                                  <show id="vp:portalContent_category" for-mode="view,edit,create" />
                                  <show id="vp:portalContent_article" for-mode="view,edit,create" />

When I restart tomcat, i do get the custom form content in the drop down, but when i click on that, I get the "cm:content" fields displayed. I am not sure what are the other chnages I need to make this working so that all the custom fields mentioned in the share-custom-config.xml get sdisplayed during the form creation.

The type "vp:portalContent" is of type "cm:content".