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Problem in retrieving discussion post id in share

Question asked by gawabe on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2010 by stevegreenbaum
I am using alfresco 3.4a and I have created a new site in share.
Whenever a new post is done in discussion forum, all the site users must get an notification email.
I have configured  a rule in alfresco explore and I am getting notification emails successfully.

But my problem is, In the notification emails I need to have the exact url forwarding to the new discussion post in share like:
How to have this discussion topic id in ftl, so that whenever I make a new post, emails will hold the above url with dynamic discussion topic id?

I had tried like:
in the ftl, but i am not getting the exact discussion post id's.

Can anyone suggest me how to have such dynamic discussion topic id's in ftl file?

Thanks in advance.