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set owner of node or content via webscripts

Question asked by orodis on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2010 by kevinr
I'm using webscript to integrate my app with alfresco. I have root space created in alfresco like:
When user creates project automatically at /ROOT/projects node new dedicated folder node gets created. Only alfresco:admin have right to create nodes in node:projects. In this case he becomes the over in first time for any new project folder. To allow my:user to operate on project node currently I'm adding permission Coordinator for my user. But this doesn't satisfy me because when someone "smart head" will remove all nodes permissions I'm loosing all the access to project folder. One of the solution is to create folder as alfresco:admin and after change folder owner to my:user but I couldn't find any suitable webscript api for that.
Does such script exist to do that?

Thx for any feedback
Regards RG