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Freemarker shows webscript response from cache

Question asked by zladuric on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2010 by zladuric

I have a similar problem to this one:

I have a webscript which returns a json rendered based on a document property. Now, this works for some clients, and for some, not.
The webscript itself is called from share, from document-actions.get.js. The result is then processed in document-actions.get freemarker.

The only difference I've noticed is the OS. When I call the webscript from my machine, on linux (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, curl-ing the webscript directly with an alf ticket, whatever), I always get correct results. When I try from a Mac, it's good. But for windows clients (Internet Explorer, few versions, latest Firefox) - the result shown is cached. I get the values that should be shown in the previous step.

Tried with the explicit
..doesn't work.

I've even done the following:
- added a timestamp argument (simple timestamp) to webscript
- shown it in the log and in UI on the share side

Now it gets really weird: I see that the webscript gets called again! and the timestamp from the webscript log and the UI match - but I still get the old result.

Why does the windows browser go back in time and get the result for the document from when it was at least half-a-day younger?