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Uploadbutton on a custom page

Question asked by tb13 on Dec 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by sanketgosavi
hi I would like to implement an upload button on a custom page.

I have reverse engineered a lot, and I have a button on that page however it does not pop up the upload dialogue.

Is there anywhere a tutorial or anything that I could use to accomplish this?

On my YUI controller I have following …

this.fileUpload seems to be empty as I get the message twice in the js error console.

        * File Upload button click handler
        * @method onFileUpload
        * @param e {object} DomEvent
        * @param p_obj {object} Object passed back from addListener method
       onFileUpload: function NewDoc_onFileUpload(e, p_obj)
        if (this.fileUpload == null)
           this.fileUpload = Alfresco.getFileUploadInstance();

          // Show uploader for multiple files
          var multiUploadConfig =
             siteId: siteId,
             containerId: "documentLibrary",
             uploadDirectory: "MyFolder",
             filter: [],
            // mode: this.fileUpload.MODE_MULTI_UPLOAD,
             thumbnails: "doclib",
                fn: this.onFileUploadComplete,
                scope: this

however it does not seem to get me a new instance with: this.fileUpload = Alfresco.getFileUploadInstance();   and; does not seem to work… any ideas?