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LDAP and Jboss 5.1

Question asked by manu2097 on Dec 9, 2010
Hello, My name is Manuel.

I have a problem with Jboss 5.
My problem is that Alfresco 3.3 on Jboss-4.2.3.GA synchronize me perfectly against the AD server (LDAP), but when switching to Jboss-eap-5.1 or Jboss-5.1GA it's like  can not find the LDAP configuration.

The configuration files I have them in: conf/alfresco/extension/subsystems/Authentication/ldap-ad/ldap-ad-AIC1 / *
and in chain variable I have: authentication.chain = ldap-ad-AIC1: ldap-ad

Looking for at the logs of both servers in jboss 4 it find the on that route
but in the JBOS 5 only shows that it has found the the etc but says nothing of the

Subsystems folder is in the path jboss-5.1GA/server/default/conf/alfresco/extension/subsystems but if the change to the route:
jboss-5.1GA/server/default/conf/alfresco/subsystems properly synchronized.
But it makes no sense.

This works and not have to work: -> authentication.chain = ldap-ad-AIC2: ldap-ad

That it should work does not work: -> authentication.chain = ldap-ad-AIC2: ldap-ad

Any ideas?

Sorry for my english!!!

Regards, Manuel.