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Create custom folder from the documentLibrary toolbar

Question asked by franco_valente on Dec 9, 2010
Hi all,
Actually, into Share, I'm able to create a new custom folder (type that inherit from cm:folder) by creating a new generic folder and than execute the "Change type" action on the folder details. From here, then, I can choose my custom folder type qbr:Myfolder.
This work fine, but I want to modify the toolbar in the document library by adding a new button that open the dialog showing qbr:Myfolder custom properties…
So I tried to look what the "New Folder" button actually do, and I found that the cm:folder itemId is passed hardcoded in the url (in the file share/components/documentLibrary/toolbar-min.js).
How can I create a button similar to "Create content" that drops me down all available folder types?

Thanks in advance