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Componize Software is hiring an XML Developper

Question asked by jl.borie on Dec 10, 2010
Componize Software is an Alfresco solution Partner. Our team of passionate developers work with the latest XML technologies and open standards such as DITA XML, RDF and XProc, to take Component Content Management to the next level, in a challenging but stimulating environment, using Agile methodologies and best of breed development tools.

Key responsibilities
As part of the research and development team, you will be primarily involved in the development of our Component Content Management software, Componize.
In your role as an XML expert, you will actively participate in the design, development and quality assurance of new and innovative features for XML content management.
You will also take part in supporting our clients and partners and writing the product documentation and training guides.

Skills and experience
You have a minimum of 5 years experience in XML development with:
  • a significant experience of XSLT

  • good knowledge of Java
You also have practical experience in one or more of the following technologies during a previous assignment or as a contributor to an open source project:
  • DITA and the DITA Open Toolkit

  • XProc

  • XSL-FO

  • XQuery

  • unit testing, continuous integration and quality assurance methods

  • RDF

  • Alfresco
You are fluent in both spoken and written English (French a plus).

See the full job announcement here: