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Map directly to a specific Site/Space?

Question asked by volkerlux on Dec 10, 2010

i'm using CMIS and Adobe Drive 2 to map an Alfresco drive. It basically works well - with the admin or a normal user. I connect using this url in adobe drive:
url: cmis://SERVERIP:8080/alfresco/services/cmis

My Problem: i want to map different drives with different base locations. E.g. i want a mapping to the documentLibrary within a specific Site. Or a Mapping to the root of a Site. How do i have to modify the url to get this working?
I tried something like this - with negative results (error: "authentication fails", whereas the base url always works…):
- cmis://SERVERIP:8080/alfresco/sites/SITENAME (tried both, case sensitive and lowercase)
- cmis://SERVERIP:8080/alfresco/sites/SITENAME/cmis
- cmis://SERVERIP:8080/alfresco/SITENAME
- cmis://SERVERIP:8080/alfresco/alfresco/Sites/SITENAME (as ists the suggested url in alfresco explorer in the space properties)

Someone an idea what the right url can be? Or am i barking up the wrong tree with having the url under suspicion for causing the error?