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Adding an aspect via webservice: Help wanted please

Question asked by arusellcampion on Dec 10, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2010 by arusellcampion
Dear all
I want to add an aspect to a folder using Web Services that allows an alias to be given for the folder's email id.
From a description of how to do this through Explorer
A much more convenient method of addressing nodes is by using an email alias (Email Alias aspect or emailserver:alias). On a space or file, use the Run Action functionality to add the Email Alias aspect. Edit the space or file's properties and give the node an email alias. To set the email alias on the Space, do "View Details" on the space, in the Properties section, if Email Alias is empty, click the edit on to top right - in line with Properties to provide the alias. For example, the administrator may add a Space called Inbox to handle inbound emailed content.
How can this be done using a web service?