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alfresco inbound rule set to send email only works once

Question asked by mariam on Dec 14, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2010 by mariam
Hello :)

Here is a recent problem I ran into while working with alfresco enterprise edition 3.3 (trial version):
- i have created multiple spaces for document management.
- for each space I added a simple workflow so that every time a new document is loaded in the first space the user has the option to send it to the second space and so on and so forth (it mimics a business process where a file needs multiple approvals from different people each with access to a single space like Accounting, Legal, Purchasing etc)
- each time the file gets sent to the next space, i have set up a rule to announce the user in that particular space that a new file has arrived that needs his attention/approval.

My problem is this only happens once, meaning, for the first flow, the notification emails arrive just fine but if the user  leaves it in the inbox, next time a file arrives in the space, the notification is not sent. So if I have, let's say 2 files that need approval from the accountant, he will only receive the notification email that the first file has arrived.

any ideas why this is happenning?

I have also set up imap with thunderbird and it does receive the first notification but not the second.