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alfresco APIs (two questions)

Question asked by forumwebuser on Dec 14, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2010 by mrogers

I created a jar file with some methods with the implementation of a custom alfresco web service endpoint.
This jar file is inside the lib folder of alfresco web application. Iam not deploying any alfresco.war file, which means that all modification I make is using config files and deploying a new custom jar file.

I already have some webservices running, mainly to search files on the repository and to uplaod files. These web services are integrated in Alfresco.

I realize that internally (inside the methods I refered above) Im using the webservices API.

The problems I see with using this API is that, despite my methods are running in the same machine than alfresco, Im using what I see as an additional layer to get the data. Also, I was never able to get the binary content of my documents using the webservices API. So my first question is how can I figured out what is happening. Note that Im using as authentication ntlm and passthru.

Due to these 2 problems I tried to use the other two APis: foundation and JCR. Despite the several errors Im getting, a question I would like to make is why any of these two methods seems to initialize alfresco if alfresco is already runnning on my machine? My goal would be to use an API that would used this instance of alfresco.

thank you