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OpenOffice Crashed when creating thumbnail for some MS-WORD

Question asked by flybird on Dec 15, 2010
I created a file upload API in Java using the repository API. In the API implementation, I use following code to create thumbnail for the document uploaded:

Action action =actionService.createAction(CreateThumbnailActionExecuter.NAME);
action.setParameterValue(CreateThumbnailActionExecuter.PARAM_THUMBANIL_NAME, "webpreview");
getActionService().executeAction(action, node, false, true);

Everything is OK (file could be uploaded and previewed) until yesterday someone uploaded some MS-WORD document which has comment in it.

I found out the document will make OpenOffice process (soffice) crash every time and OpenOffice will never restart after this.

I don't know why a document will kill soffice process. The workaround for me now is to have a cron process to monitor soffice process and start it when it's down.

My env is : Linux, JDK 1.6, OpenOffice 3.1, Alfresco community 3.3