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Best practices using Alfresco Web Service Client

Question asked by developer.researcher on Dec 16, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2010 by developer.researcher

     I'm trying to integrate a web application with alfresco using 'alfresco-web-service-client-3.3.jar', I have reviewed the examples that there is in the web and these work fine but there are some aspects that I have not clear yet:

1. There is various parts of the code to makes use of constants defined in 'org.alfresco.webservice.util.Constants', reviewed the code of this class can be observed:
    public static final String ASSOC_CHILDREN;
    public static final String TYPE_CMOBJECT;
    public static final String PROP_NAME;
    public static final String TYPE_CONTENT;
    public static final String PROP_CONTENT;

     My doubt is: How I can know the values that take these constants after of deploy alfresco?

2. For create a node creates an instance of the 'org.alfresco.webservice.types.CMLCreate' class that has an attribute id, according the wiki ( this field must be an String and apparently is optional (0..1). In the examples of the web I see that uses arbitrary values for this field, so I have the following questions: What considerations should be taken on notice about the values that should be allocated to this field? Do you have any implication, the value assigned, for actions subsequent of integration with alfresco repository or backup and restore? Is it recommendable to have a mechanism of generation, stored in a database, for the values in this field?

     These are the questions I have of what I've reviewed so far, I hope someone can help me clarify them.

Thanks in advance,