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3.3.x: space templates ignore space users/groups

Question asked by heiko.robert on Dec 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2011 by adelllka
a functionality we allready used successfull in 2.x versions seems to be lost:

alfresco 3.3.x (E+CE) ignores invited groups or space users set in the space template when creating a new space from that space template.

how to reproduce:
  • create group TestgroupA

  • go to Company Home > Data Dictionary> Space Templates > Software Engineering Project > Quality Assurance

  • Manage Space Users and invite Group TestgroupA as Coordinator in that space

  • navigate to a space outside Data Dictionary and create new Space using "Advanced Space Wizard" based on the space template "Software Engineering Project"
result: space structure is created but subspace "Quality Assurance" has no space users added
expected behavior: subspace "Quality Assurance" has invited group TestgroupA as Coordinator

same lack of function using java with deepCopy / script ScriptNode copy(ScriptNode destination, boolean deepCopy)

Is this a bug or a known restriction in 3.x versions?
Before writing just another work around I would welcome any feedback.