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Basic inputs required for defining alfresco architecture

Question asked by romschn on Dec 16, 2010
Hi All,

I want to understand few basic points related to Alfresco in terms of defining the architecture for my need.

1. Where are all the users/workflows stored. Is it in Alfresco database or in Alfresco file system?

2. In WCM, when we want to deploy/publish contents from staging environment to production environment, There is an out-of-the-box feature available called ASR deployment which takes care of deployment to production server.
Can someone please explain me -
  • What ASR exactly does?
  • Instead of using the out-of-the-box ASR feature, Are there any scripts available to perform ASR deployment. What are the necessary prerequisites for it?

  • 3. What all artifacts does Alfresco runtime (contents deployed through ASR) contains?

    3. I want to have a capability to make my environments ready through scripting in a manner that, if one of my server gets down and I need to build up a new one, I can just run my script and should make my environment ready.
    For example, If the Alfresco runtime is deployed on 4 prod servers. If 1 of them goes down, I need to fetch everything from one of the 3 available prod servers and make the environment ready. Can I do this? What kind of the script I will need to write for this?
    Like what all things need to be taken into consideration - database connections/environment specific paths etc…

    Please provide your inputs on this.