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How to upload same file many times using versioning in java

Question asked by hclpower on Dec 17, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2010 by patil
Hi Folks,

Im able to upload and download files normally without any problem using java code from and in Alfresco repository.
But now my requirement is that i want to upload same file with little modifications many times which can be done through versioning in alfresco using java code.
I have done it through System.milliseconds concept, but that is not feasible as its not allowing to download.
Can anybody help me out in writing a java code with version history for uploading and downloading from Alfresco repository.
From forums i came to know that it can be done as the file names will remain same and only the version changes, so that its very easy to download the latest version file.

Thanks in Advance.
Hope i may get a positive reply from alfresco users:)