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Share project - AMP packaging

Question asked by matjazmuhic on Dec 17, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2011 by flefoll
I recently (almost) finished a project. Now I want to make it in amp package but not much is written about that.

I found that you can generate project strcuture with maven as there are archetypes for alfresco projects. But my main concern is that I have share site with directory structure, and those directories are configured via other spaces in companyhome/myConfiguration so also I have to package those two things inside. Also those spaces have rules which execute two scripts that are inside "Data dictionary" in space scripts and I have also few webscripts extensions defined in "Data dictionary". And finally, I have all the configuration things in extension and web-extension folders.

As far as I know from looking on wiki and google-ing it, noone describes how to package those things as a whole. By those things I mean:  scripts, webscripts, share components/webscripts, models, workflows, …

Any suggestions?