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Use of CopyService

Question asked by werspike on Dec 17, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2010 by werspike

I have an urgent question about the Interface CopyService.
I'm new to Alfresco.

I am working on a management tool (with JAVA), where we are using Alfresco - we manage projects, that looks like this

[Project(super=BaseProject(id=workspace://SpacesStore/f4b15e66-f26e-4e62-a38b-4e8d45bb9928, uid=null, title=null, description=null, projectNumber=P-1234, closed=false), type=Standard, startDate=Sat Jan 01 00:00:00 CET 2011, language=DE, offerType=null, developmentType=Adaption,
managerID=workspace://SpacesStore/c997565e-ffa3-4155-9d0c-795db2a07635, purchaserID=workspace://SpacesStore/e0d81b50-c481-45f8-a88a-8915f2956104, commercialProjectManagerID=workspace://SpacesStore/20bec8f9-8535-4c0a-bcd9-57e26ad9f55b, qualityManagerID=workspace://SpacesStore/8022dc1a-2713-40d8-8110-049ef039b8f4,

Now i should make a Copy of a already created project with CopyService.

I have already checked the Alfresco Wiki, but the articles, i have found there, couldn't help me a lot.

The thing is, what is the best way to Copy a Alfresco database?
And what is happening with the NodeRefs?

Thanks a lot