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Grouping fields using 'set element' in Forms

Question asked by ashokharnal on Dec 18, 2010
Set element can be used to group fields in Forms in Share. For example, the following
configuration in share-config-custom.xml file will group the two map related fields surrounded by a border
and a heading "Map related details" :

<!– kb:maptype aspect data, if applied –>
      <set id="mapattr" appearance="fieldset" label="Map related details" />
                  <field id="kb:typeofmap" label="Type of map" description="Type of map" set="mapattr" />
                  <field id="kb:mapauthenticity" label="Map authenticity?" description="Is map authentic?" set="mapattr" />

But, if the aspect is not applied, the 'Edit Metadata' form in Share still shows a bordered area with heading "Map related details"
without any fields in it. Is it possible to hide the empty bordered area when it does not contain any fields?

I shall be  grateful for help.