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Synchronizing offline files via CIFS

Question asked by idar on Dec 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2011 by craig.michael.nelson
I have been recently evaluating Alfresco's CIFS synchronization capabilities for keeping certain spaces always available offline, and have found it to be very unreliable. E.g. when working in Windows 7, things seem to break when editing files (MS Office documents) offline and then selecting "Work Online" in order to update the state of the locally changed files in the Alfresco repository. This is not the case when working with Windows XP, where the behaviour is much more consinstent (yet not absolutely reliable).

Access via CIFS is probably the most crucial feature for me, and as I have found that working online via CIFS is much too slow to be considered acceptable in terms of usability, it seems that I have no other option than trying to benefit from using offline synchronization. Has anyone encountered similar problems regarding performance (CIFS online) and reliability (offline synchronization)? Could it be something wrong with my configuration (server-side)?

The version I use for evaluation is Community 3.4.a.

PS: WebDAV access, seems to be slightly better in terms of performance than CIFS. Are you aware of any tools that could be used to cache Alfresco content offline via WebDAV in order to simulate the Sync feature of CIFS?