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java code to upload content with version aspects

Question asked by hclpower on Dec 20, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2010 by hclpower
Hi Everyone,

Im new to Alfresco and I have been working on Alfresco Repository using java code(servlets) from few days.
I guess this is the best free service provided by Alfresco to upload and download files or contents from and into the Repository.
I need code based on java(servlets) to upload files with versioning concept.

here is the case
I am uploading documents into the repository. But when i make some changes to it and want to re-upload, it throws me an error, saying Duplicate Entry.
Can anyone help me out in explaining me the version concept wherein i can maintain different versions whenever changes are made.Please can anyone provide me the code to solve my problem. I tried my ways to make it versionable but all in vain.

hoping for a positive reply from community members and Alfresco Engineers.

Thanks in Advance