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ALF3110 - System Administration - MADRID - 23/02/2010

Question asked by fegor on Feb 4, 2010
Curso sobre instalación y administración de Alfresco. Los interesados pueden realizar la preinscripción directamente escribiendo a o llamando al teléfono 902 003 626.

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Alfresco ALF3110 - System Administration.

Day 1

    * Course Objectives
    * Housekeeping

Module 1: Installating and setting up Alfresco
    * Java SE Development Kit and runtime environment
    * Apache Tomcat web application server
    * Alfresco web application
    * OpenOffice running as a headless, Windows service
    * MySQL and set up the Alfresco database
    * ImageMagick imconvert.exe and CIFS win32NetBios.dll

Module 2: Configuring the repository
    * The location and significance of the configuration root and extension folders
    * Configure the repository in the configuration root
    * Extend a configuration within the extension folder

Module 3: Configuring the file system
    * Configure the CIFS, FTP, and WebDav file servers
    * Configure the default Alfresco file system
    * Configure a new file system
    * Set global and local security on file systems

Module 4: Troubleshooting the system
    * Use the System Information feature
    * Use the Node Browser
    * Configure Alfresco logging

Day 2

Module 5: Exporting and importing
    * Export and import space
    * Perform a full repository export and import

Module 6: Backing up the system
    * Identify the main components of Alfresco that must be backed up
    * Perform a simple backup and restore of the Alfresco system

Module 7: Security and permissions
    * Identify the authenticators and authentication points of Alfresco
    * Create new users
    * Create new groups
    * Add users to groups
    * Invite users and groups to spaces and content
    * Configure a custom security model

Module 8: Enterprise security
    * Enterprise security overview
    * CIFS, FTP, WebDav, NSF, and Alfresco web client authentication points
    * Configuring OpenLDAP / Apache Directory Service

Module 9: High availability and clustering
    * High availability overview
    * Content store synchronization
    * Index synchronization
    * L2 Cache synchronization
    * Database replication
    * Configure and test a vertical Alfresco cluster
    * Close

The following are required:
    * Participated in an Alfresco in an Hour webinar
    * Completion of the Alfresco tutorial
    * Database Administration - any database
    * Web Application Server - any server
    * The following are desirable