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Compiled alfresco-deployment-3.x.jar is 90K, should be 8M

Question asked by nicolasraoul on Dec 22, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2010 by mrogers
I need to modify a JAR of Alfresco, and before modifying anything, I decided to first compile and test the produced JAR (

PROBLEM: The JAR from the downloadable ZIP is 8.5Mbytes, but when I compile from source, I get a 90Kbytes JAR. That's really strange, and indeed it fails to execute.
I am just running "ant build". Any idea?

[size=150]Sub-question about downloading the source of a particular version of Alfresco[/size]
Maybe because I am not compiling exactly the same version?
My target is Alfresco Enterprise 3.3 SP2, but I compile the latest Enterprise source. Is it possible that it has changed that much? If I compile from 3.2R (which was BEFORE 3.3 SP2) I also get a 90Kbytes JAR, so I believe it is not the problem.

By the way:
How can I get the source code for Alfresco Enterprise 3.3 SP2 (or any other Enterprise or Community version) ?
There are no tags/labels in SVN.
Before, the SVN revision number was written at the bottom of each release note, but I can't see it anymore in the PDF release note of 3.3 SP2.