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Viewing Records on Intranet?

Question asked by nigma on Dec 23, 2010

Simple question here.  I'm looking to use the RM system for my company but I'm worried that the front end will be far to complicated for…less savvy users.  I know how to build an intranet for document presentation and I'm reading on how to set up the RM system, but will I have to do double entry in publishing scanned documents to the intranet?

The double entry wouldn't even be the most annoying part, I assume.  The fact that creating new content in the WCM is somewhat involved (a large amount of clicks) would slow my pace down to a crawl.  Is there any way to have the metadata and entries automatically added and removed from the intranet based off revisions in the RM dashboard?

The RM would be fine for an organization with high-paid, technically savvy individuals.  The average office clerk would rather rummage through a file cabinet than try to understand Alfresco's complicated GUI.

So does anyone know of a way to integrate the two?