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How to associate properties to specific new panels

Question asked by rrobles on Dec 23, 2010

    I would like customize my Advanced Search, and associated properties to a specific new panels.
    I review the jsp advanced-search.jsp, in which the custom properties are shown in the next code.

<a:panel label="#{msg.additional_options}" id="custom-panel" style="font-weight:bold" progressive="true"
   expanded='#{SearchProperties.panels["custom-panel"]}' expandedActionListener="#{AdvancedSearchDialog.expandPanel}">
      <r:searchCustomProperties id="customProps" bean="SearchProperties" var="customProperties" style="padding-left:12px;padding-top:4px" />
   If I created a new panel, and I extended for add it

<a:panel label="General Panel" id="general-panel" style="font-weight:bold" progressive="true" border="white" bgcolor="white"
expanded='#{CustomSearchProperties.panels["general-panel"]}' expandedActionListener="#{CustomAdvancedSearchDialog.expandPanel}">
<r:searchCustomProperties id="generalProps" bean="CustomSearchProperties" var="generalProperties" style="padding-left:12px;padding-top:4px" />
but when I'm extending my new panel, it shows all custom properties, this is because I put the sentence

<r:searchCustomProperties id="generalProps" bean="CustomSearchProperties" var="generalProperties" style="padding-left:12px;padding-top:4px" />
Where I can customize the panel to show only my specific properties for generalPanel?
Also, I reviewed the way of show the properties of attrs-panel and that case, is it show by property, i.e each property is declarated in the jsp, exists other way in which I can show all at once?