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Je souhaite installer les fonctions de record management:le...

Question asked by hseverac on Oct 9, 2007
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Je souhaite installer les fonctions de record management:

le user guide ( indique:
Creating a File Plan v 2.0
The way to create a file plan has changed from v 2.0

To create a file plan follow these steps:

Click the Create menu
Select "Advanced Space Wizard"
Select "From scratch" and press "Next"
Select the "File Plan" space option and press "Next"
Fill in the name, title and description of the file plan using a name and description that helps navigation between many file plans
Select "Next" then "Finish" to create the file plan
On the new file plan, choose "View Details"
Click the "Edit" button on the Properties
Enter the metadata according to the requirements of the file plan
Click "OK" and the file plan is ready to process records

Néanmoins à l'étape du choix du folder type (Step Two - Space Options) je n'ai comme choix que "Folder space" et"forum space"

Doit on charger quelque chose de complémentaire? si oui quoi et comment (pour un nul)?