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Alfresco Upgrade 2.x to 3.x

Question asked by koolalfdev on Dec 27, 2010
We are planning an Alfresco upgrade from to 2.2 enterprise to 3.x enterprise version. We intend to migrate the WCM content to the new WCM repo.

There is 1 problem that we are facing. A lot of content has been created through web forms and other customizations to meta-data as well. Now we want to automate the process of copying that content as well as make customizations to some extent to the content getting copied over to adhere to the new webforms.

The option that comes to my mind is the java backed Webscripts approach making web service calls to the existing repo and then use the same Webscript approach to store the content in the new repo. May be this is a longer route so I thought I will post a question.

Also, there is 1 more thing which I need to get this piece knocked off ASAP, so that I could move on to other pieces of changes that we need.

Please recommend me the options available and the best way to this.

Thanks much