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how to check the file exists or not in the repository

Question asked by hclpower on Dec 28, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2010 by hclpower
Hi Everyone,

I am using alfresco for a quite few days. I have learned many things from forums and Alfresco guide.

But presently I am facing a problem. In the alfresco repository I am able to download, upload, do versioning, search etc etc. but the problem is of duplicate entries. If the file already exists in the repository its obviously throw me an exception saying "DUPLICATE ENTRY".

Here i want to check the existence of file in the repository. For this I tried many things, but could not yield proper results.

Can anybody here help me out in checking the existence of file in the repository. If the file exists then it should throw me user defined error that file already exists, if not simply adding the file into the repository.

I appreciate and thankful to all the users and alfresco engineers who directly or indirectly helped me in learning from the scratch about Alfresco Content Management.

Thanks in advance and waiting for a positive reply

HCL power