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Backup complexity

Question asked by labman on Dec 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2011 by zbennett
Is it me or is Alfresco in need of a simplified backup facility? Why can't the software contain a button that runs a script to enable a secure backup/restore routine? I am relatively new to linux but have managed to start gaining a small amount of knowledge on the subject. I have managed to install Alfresco and set the permissions etc. to enable effective use of the system but now I have to research and spend many hours to find out how to effectively protect its data. It's brought me to a point of wondering whether to entrust it with my files in case there is a disaster and I can't recover from it (due to my own shortcomings). I know it's a free platform and I am very grateful for it but, I think that it would be more attractive to companies considering the commercial version if it had this facility (or does the commercial version have such a facility?).  Anyone feel the same or is it just me?