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admin account in 3.4.c not working

Question asked by negus on Dec 31, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2011 by negus

I start with a clean alfresco installtion 3.4.c on a debian lenny server. The mysql database is used from the system to take effort of daily backup…
when I call after installation http://host:8080/alfresco
a page will be displayed and I'm loged in as guest.

When I try to login as user admin (pw: admin) I get the following message inside the webbrowser

Unable to login - unknown username/password.

I can login again with the user guest (pw: guest) and I can see the first page again

In logs/catalina.out are no error messages rising…

Also the database connection is not the source of the problem. This mistake I did previously and after fixing and it was not working. I made also a complete re installation (including reset of the database)…

until now no result. because of the silence in the logs I don't have any glue what to do

thanks in advance for your help

best regards