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FDK Installation

Question asked by jpashley on Jan 1, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2011 by jpashley
I am trying to install the FDK in Alfresco version 3.4.c and following the instructions in
I have installed the alfresco-community-fdk-3.4.c.amp successfully modifying and backing up the share.war.
When I list the alfresco-fdk-3.4.c.jar I see that the files listed are not being put into the directory structure e.g. alfresco/site-data/template-instances/fdk-unit-tests.xml
I have tried copying the alfresco-fdk-3.4.c.jar into both <tomcat>/shared/lib and <tomcat>/webapps/<appname>/WEB-INF/lib and restarting the services but the files listed in alfresco-fdk-3.4.c.jar to not appear anywhere in the directory structure. Note: appname is share (maybe it should be alfresco?)
I can start the FDK using http://localhost:8080/share/page/fdk and can view a nodeRef but that is all.
Q: How to solve?
Environment: MS Windows XP SP 3. Standard Alfresco Community 3.4.c. installation.