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GWT+Alfresco Integration Architecture

Question asked by hanumeshm on Jan 4, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2011 by raghavendra.prakash

  I am using GWT/Smart GWT for presentation and Alfresco as CMS. This is basically for enabling document management only. (like storing documents, retrival, restricting access permissions for various users etc)
I have various questions regarding finaliszation of Architecture.

   1. xxxFrontEnd.war (Intended for fron end purposes ex. for uploading/viewing/grant permissions against users for document access etc.. (GWT->Servlet->Business layer(having call RESTful webservices on Server)

   2. xxxAlf.war  (Intended for writing webscript services, for using in xxxFrontEnd application.

Deployment options:
1. Both deployed on same server on same machine
2. FrontEnd.war in one node and xxxAlf.war in another, so that load will be minimised on alfresco server.

Technology stack:
     1. How about using Java API instead of Webscripts (As content services api's are classified as Java, Script(webscript) and webservices)
     2. My understanding is Java Content service means usage of Java API means is JCR. (Please correct if I am wrong)
The architecture should be good in performance and should be scalable.

Thanks in advance,
Hanumesh M