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using different Content Stores for documents and renditions

Question asked by p_kerspe on Jan 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2011 by afaust
We are running Alfresco Community - v3.4.0 (b 3262) (in Mult Tenancy mode) and need to store all documents in a WORM medium. So the Content Store will be configured to use a mapped network share on the WORM storage.
Since the space on the WORM is limited and expensive, only the Documents should be stored but NOT the renditions (and other files generated by Alfresco).
We saw that Alfresco always stores the renditions in the same content store as the original document, but we need to find a way to seperate Documents and renditions into two different content stores.

We got pointed to these links:
Content Store Selector:
Content Store configuration:

But it is only described how to use different content Stores for Documents in general, but not how to store Documents and the generated renditions into two different content stores.

Any idea how to solve the issue with separation of the two types of files into separate stores?

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