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Customize Send email action in rule wizard

Question asked by mariam on Jan 4, 2011

I am using Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.3.3 and I have the following issue: I am trying to customize the email sent by an inbound rule set in a space by adding a variable (counter or current date for example) to the subject of the email so that each time the rule is triggered a new mail is sent (and not just an update to the initial email - as is implemented so far).

The page where the email content is set is mail.jsp but I don't think that's what I need to change. What I am interested in is what happens after data is inserted in the appropriate fields of this page,  from a programming point of view.

It would be even more useful if you could either point me to the right file that needs to be changed or explain what exactly happens in alfresco once a rule is triggered, also from a programmer's perspective.

Any help is welcomed,