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NEW : Alfresco Portlet for IBM WebSphere Portal (JSR-286)

Question asked by spindler on Jan 5, 2011
Alfresco document management features now available for IBM WebSphere Portal.   
Alfstore ( is proud to announce the release of a new Portlet for Alfresco that is fully tested on IBM WebSphere Portal, and compliant with other JSR-286 Portal containers (as Liferay).

The treeview portlet exposes the content of an Alfresco space in the tree-view way. It provides all in-line editing features for documents and folders.

A free (not supported) open source version can be downloaded on Alfresco forge

The Enterprise version will be available shortly (end of January 2011) for Alfresco customers.

Learn More:
- Please feel free to contact us ( for more information.