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Tightened validation of content model

Question asked by _sax on Jan 6, 2011
I try to understand the demands of the tightened validation of content models, as introduced here:

When a custom content model defines a namespace, that is then used in a workflow model,
how is the right way to do this?


<model name="company:company_model" xmlns="">

  <namespace uri="" prefix="company" />


<model name="company:thecustomworkflow" xmlns="">

  <import uri="" prefix="d" />
  <import uri="" prefix="bpm" />
  <import uri="" prefix="company" />

The above example doesn't work (anymore). So I guess, the workflow model
needs to define a separate namespace

  <namespace uri="the.companyworkflow.model" prefix="company" />

So every new workflow model will have to use a different namespace?
Is the same prefix for all models, be it content or workflow, allowed?

Thanks in advance.